About Knighted Ventures

Diversified Entertainment, Gaming and New Media Investment Company

Knighted Ventures is a diversified entertainment, gaming and new media investment company. We combine seed financing with our seasoned management team to develop and grow opportunities in a wide variety of industry segments, including film/music development and production, new media, and gaming industry financing for casino related businesses.

As a flexible and value-added partner, Knighted Ventures provides a full spectrum of financial, strategic and operating resources. The Principals of Knighted Ventures have broad experience in investing capital at all levels of the capital structure and have played significant roles in creating equity value for management teams, as well as institutional shareholders.

Our investment initiatives are also augmented by the strength of our partners, who offer a wide variety of robust services ranging from on/off-line marketing, advertising, events management, and product/project development. United by the principles of empowerment through entertainment, we look for opportunities that enable people to connect with others over shared interests in the media and gaming arenas.

Our Focus

We typically look to make initial investments greater than $1 million and work closely with our investees to help them achieve their goals, seeking both active management and governance roles where appropriate.

To have the greatest impact on our target companies, projects and investee organizations, we invest according to the following criteria:


We look for fragmented, niche and growing industries, including commercial and consumer services companies; well defined opportunities for growth and value creation; minimal exposure to risk from technological obsolescence, regulatory shifts and environmental liabilities.


We look for projects and companies aligned with our mission of empowering people through entertainment. We seek for-profit projects and companies, and nonprofit organizations that use innovative, market-based approaches.


We identify projects and organizations that intend to develop new markets or industries, alter public perception, or demonstrate the power of entertainment to create social and financial returns.

Potential for Scale

We look for partners, projects and organizations with significant growth potential, with the ability to scale operations and develop new markets.


We invest in management and creative teams with a proven track record in their field of operation and an ability to articulate a clear vision and strategy, reinforced by a viable business plan.

Please note Knighted Ventures does not accept unsolicited proposals. We proactively seek new investments based on our investment area strategies and typically source deals from within our network of partners and contacts.